While it might seem like just a really cute way to play, baby reaching hands to feet is actually a really important milestone for parents! Do you notice when baby is on their back, they’re reaching for their feet?

Known sometimes as “finding their feet,” baby reaches hands to feet to get familiar with their body and movements. This milestone usually happens around 4-6 months of age. Watch to learn more about the importance of finding their feet!

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Did you know baby finding their feet is both fun and a motor milestone? This typically happens around 4-6 months old. It promotes body play, which helps baby get familiar with their body and movements.

Baby reaching hands to feet also activates baby’s core. Baby needs to use their core muscles to tilt their hips upward. It helps bring baby into midline, which helps organize baby’s body and movements. And it brings baby’s gaze down, which is important for the development of vision. Bringing gaze down helps baby use their eyes together to focus on one thing.

Here are some activities to help baby find their feet:

  • Tilt baby’s hips upward
  • Bring baby’s feet into view
  • Play with a toy above baby’s tummy