Start reading to baby as early as possible! Whether it’s picture books or story books, reading helps build baby’s vocabulary from the time they’re born. Even just looking at pictures helps development. Be sure to point to different objects as you read them. Don’t forget: Baby turning the page is a 7-9 month milestone!

When you read to baby, ask them lots of questions. These can be concrete questions (such as “what color is the apple?) or questions for the imagination (“where does the dog go next?). Both are important for baby, so make sure you ask these types of questions.

Here are some ways to include reading into baby’s daily routine:

  • During Tummy Time
  • While you’re sitting on the floor, baby can be sitting with you or baby can get some extra Tummy Time on your lap
  • While lying on their back – be sure to move the books to both sides so baby can practice head turning
  • When another adult is there, read to baby while in standing