What age do you start Tummy Time? Right away! Tummy Time can begin as soon as baby gets home from the hospital. Many parents hear Tummy Time is important and know doing tummy time at 1 month helps baby build muscles and skills to meet their future motor milestones. But when baby is doing Tummy Time at 1 month, you shouldn’t expect them to be pushing up with straight arms. So how do you know baby is making progress during Tummy Time? Use these abilities to ensure baby is on the right track with Tummy Time.

Tummy Time abilities at 1 month:

  • Turns head during Tummy Time
  • Attempts to lift head up – even if it’s only for a second before putting their head down again

A few infant Tummy Time tips:

  • Get down on the floor at baby’s eye level. Baby loves your face and voice!
  • Try to do Tummy Time when baby is most happy and avoid Tummy Time immediately after feeding.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Every bit of Tummy Time makes a difference.

Want to see Tummy Time abilities by month? Check out these videos!

Tummy Time at 2 weeks

Tummy Time at 2 months

Tummy Time at 3 months

Tummy Time at 4 months

Tummy Time at 5 months

Tummy Time at 6 months