Parents know Tummy Time helps baby build muscles and skills to meet their future motor milestones.

But how do you know baby is making progress during Tummy Time at 2 months?

Use these abilities to ensure baby is continuing to develop though Tummy Time.

Tummy Time abilities at 2 Months:

  • Spends at least one minute in Tummy Time several times a day without becoming upset, when otherwise happy
  • Majority of Tummy Time should be done on the floor
  • Baby may tilt their head to one side. Watch to make sure they alternate tilting to both directions instead of always favoring one side, which may be a possible sign of positional torticollis

A couple infant Tummy Time tips:

  • Use time on the floor to play as an alternative to baby being in a carrier or bouncy seat.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Every bit of Tummy Time makes a difference.

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Tummy Time at 2 weeks

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