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Should twins meet milestones at the same time?

It’s natural to compare twins sometimes. You’ll notice what they like to eat, how they play, and how they sleep. Of course there will be differences. They’re different kids!

So even though they’re being raised in the same environment no two babies are the same. You shouldn’t expect twin to develop at the same rate. Pay attention to milestone ranges and document their progress separately. Many twins are born premature, so don’t forget to adjust for prematurity when tracking milestones. Still, we expect twin babies to reach milestones in the same age ranges as non-twins.

You can use siblings to help reach milestones as well. Get in some Tummy Time together, they will keep each other engaged! Place them on their back next to each other to help them turn their head to look (be sure to switch which side you place them on!). Sit them next to each other so they can look at and play with each other. Place them in side lying so they can look at and reach for each other.