Day 6: Kids in the Kitchen

What’s one idea that can help children appreciate their food more? How do you make it more likely that children will eat the food on their plates and think about what they’re eating?

Invite your kids to help make the food! Cooking with children is one more tip in our series on teaching children an attitude of gratitude.

Involve your child in a cooking project! Here’s a list of easy ways to get your child involved in cooking:

young girl smiling and holding broccoliDepending on the age of the child that might mean washing vegetables, or kneading dough. Cooking offers a sensory learning experience through various textures, colors, scents, and the motor movements that come from spreading, cutting, mashing, and more.

If your child is older let them pick recipes with you, write a grocery list, shop, and cook with you. This allows a child to work on planning and following through with plans which is one aspect of executive functioning skills.

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