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Activities at Week 76 06/16/2024 – 06/23/24

Activities at Week 76

  • Identify Body Parts: Play with your toddler by naming different body parts and pointing to them. You can name the body part first and have your toddler point to it or you can point to a body part and have them name it. Helps your toddler develop his body awareness sense and communication skills.
  • Playground Fun: Bring your toddler to the playground. Let them explore, go on a swing, or slide down a slide. They also get to interact with other kids and play outside. Helps with sensory development, and builds your little one's motor skills and strength.

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It’s Important to Remember:

The activities listed over these next few months are designed to help your baby as they move towards the following eighteen month milestones.

If you are concerned that your baby isn’t meeting these milestones by eighteen months, trust your instincts and talk to your healthcare professional.


13-18 Month Motor Milestones

Motor Milestones

  • Walks independently
  • Squats to pick up a toy
  • Stacks two objects

13-18 Month Sensory Milestones

Sensory Milestones

  • Helps with getting dressed/undressed
  • Has a regular sleep schedule
  • Eats an increasing variety of foods

13-18 Month Communication Milestones

Communication Milestones

By 15 months:
  • May use 5-10 words
  • Combines sounds and gestures
  • Imitates simple words and actions
  • Consistently follows simple directions
  • Shows interest in pictures
  • Can identify 1-2 body parts when named
  • Understands 50 words
By 18 months:
  • Responds to questions
  • Repeats words overheard in conversation
  • Continues to produce speech-like babbling
  • Points at familiar objects and people in pictures
  • Understands “in” and “on”
  • Responds to yes/no questions with head shake/nod

13-18 Month Feeding Milestones

Feeding Milestones

  • Increases variety of coarsely chopped table foods
  • Holds and drinks from a cup

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