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Activities at Week 2 10/31/19 – 11/07/19

Activities at Week 2

  • Evolving Mobile: Give your newborn something interesting to watch. Put together a group of 3-4 small, patterned objects that grab his attention like a rattle, teddy, etc. Hang one above crib. Move it around, hum a song after you hang it up. Every couple of days change the object to keep his attention. (When baby is able to sit up, take down the mobile due to safety risks.) Helps baby develop vision/eyesight by providing interesting objects and colors to look at.
  • Sleeping Direction: Change the direction baby lies while sleeping. One night place her head on the right side of the crib then the next night place her head on the left side of the crib. Repeat. Don’t forget always place baby on back to sleepHelps baby build strength by getting her to turn in different directions to see you.
  • Mobile Songs: If your baby’s mobile plays music, sing along with the songs. Hold his hand or rock him while you sing. Play similar music for him at other times of the day, all around the house. Helps baby improve listening skills.
  • Tummy Min: After diapering, lay baby on her tummy for a few minutes so Tummy Time becomes a part of her daily routine. Helps baby learn to lift up his head. 
It’s Important to Remember:

*The activities listed over these next few months are designed to help your baby as they move towards the following three month milestones.

If you are concerned that your baby isn’t meeting these milestones by three months, trust your instincts and talk to your healthcare professional.


0-3 Month Motor Milestones

  • While lying on tummy, pushes up on arms
  • While lying on tummy, lifts and holds head up
  • Able to move fists from closed to open
  • Able to bring hands to mouth
  • Moves legs and arms off of surface when excited

0-3 Month Sensory Milestones

  • While lying on back, attempts to reach for a toy held above their chest
  • While lying on back, visually tracks a moving toy from side to side
  • While lying on back, keeps head centered to watch faces or toys
  • Able to calm with rocking, touching, and gentle sounds
  • Enjoys a variety of movements

0-3 Month Communication Milestones

  • Quiets or smiles in response to sound or voice
  • Turns head towards sound or voice
  • Shows interest in faces
  • Makes eye contact
  • Cries differently for different needs (e.g. hungry vs. tired)
  • Coos and smiles

0-3 Month Feeding Milestones

  • Latches onto nipple or bottle
  • Tongue moves forward and back to suck
  • Drinks 2 oz. to 6 oz. of liquid per feeding, 6 times per day
  • Sucks and swallows well during feeding
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