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Activities at Week 48 11/28/23 – 12/05/23

Activities at Week 48

  • Beach-Ball Tummy Time: Blow up a beach ball so it’s almost full, with a soft spot. Hold baby carefully on top of beach ball, tummy down. Roll them back and forth, side to side. Helps baby develop core strength and balance.
  • Obstacle Crawls: Try to encourage baby to crawl over, under, and through various objects at home. Take empty boxes, remove tops and bottoms, and tape them to make a long tunnel. Be sure to be at baby’s side so he doesn’t get hurt. Helps baby better understand space around them.
  • Water Bottle Fun: Put some beads, glitter, or marbles in a sealed water bottle. Give it to baby and let them shake it around. Helps baby develop their visual skills.

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It’s Important to Remember:

The activities listed over these next few months are designed to help your baby as they move towards the following twelve month milestones.

If you are concerned that your baby isn’t meeting these milestones by twelve months, trust your instincts and talk to your healthcare professional.


10-12 Month Motor Milestones

Motor Milestones

  • Pulls to stand and cruises along furniture
  • Stands alone and takes several independent steps
  • Moves in and out of various positions to explore environment and get desired toys
  • Maintains balance in sitting when throwing objects
  • Claps hands
  • Releases objects into a container with a large opening
  • Uses thumb and pointer finger to pick up tiny objects

10-12 Month Sensory Milestones

Sensory Milestones

  • Enjoys listening to songs
  • Explores toys with fingers and mouth
  • Crawls to or away from objects baby sees in the distance

10-12 Month Communication Milestones

Communication Milestones

  • Meaningfully uses “mama” or “dada”
  • Responds to simple directions, e.g. “Come here”
  • Produces long strings of gibberish (jargoning) in social communication
  • Says one or two words
  • Imitates speech sounds
  • Babbling has sounds and rhythms of speech
  • Pays attention to where you are looking and pointing
  • Responds to “no”
  • Begins using hand movements to communicate wants and needs, e.g. reaches to be picked up

10-12 Month Feeding Milestones

Feeding Milestones

  • Finger feeds self
  • Eating an increasing variety of food
  • Begins to use an open cup
  • Ready to try soft-cooked vegetables, soft fruits, and finger foods (banana slices, cooked pasta)
  • Might be ready to start self feeding with utensils
  • Enjoys a greater variety of smells and tastes
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