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So you’re expecting! Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, when a new baby is born it can leave you asking lots of questions. Have no fear new parents—we have the information you need and the resources you can trust to get your baby on the right path. is a trusted resource for expecting and new parents. We provide milestones supported by American Academy of Pediatrics findings to help parents track their baby’s development from birth.

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Getting Ready for Baby


Being a new mom or dad can be exciting, but it’s ok to feel anxious, too! It’s natural to have lots of questions, and don’t worry—we have lots of answers and advice for new parents.

What should you have ready before baby comes home?

During this time when you’re waiting to welcome baby, you can start preparing yourselves and your home for your new addition.

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What should new parents know to welcome baby?

You’re new to this process, and there’s so much to learn—and that’s ok! Check out this guide for parents and caregivers who are welcoming a baby for the first time.

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How can you get children excited for their new sibling?

Children can have different reactions when a new baby is born. Here are some ways to help children welcome their sibling, and answer their questions.

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How do you baby-proof the house?

Once baby is crawling and walking, it’s important to have your home baby proofed. So why not start as soon as possible? Here are some tips to make your home safe for baby to explore.

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Baby develops so much in the first few years (and even months!) of life! Learn more about neuroplasticity in babies and how baby’s brain develops.

New Baby Checklist (0-6 Months)

Check out (and check off) these important activities and milestones that begin as soon as baby comes home.


Track Baby’s Milestones

What are baby’s 0-3 month milestones?
Your newborn baby is growing every day. See what they’re able to do!

Track baby’s progress

How can I easily track baby’s milestones?
Using the Milestones Checklist, you can easily print or download baby’s milestones and check them off as they grow!

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How can I adjust for prematurity?
If baby was born premature, their milestones will need to be “corrected” for the first two years of their life. Here’s how to do it.

Adjust Baby’s Milestones



Keep Baby Healthy

What’s a well-baby visit like?
Going to the doctor with your new baby may feel scary—but we’re here to help! Here’s what to expect at an early well-baby visit, as well as a checklist of everything to bring along.

What to Expect at a Well-Baby Visit

How can I choose the right healthcare provider?
We’ll walk through the process of finding a provider, so you’ll get connected with the care your baby needs and answers to your questions.

Find the Right Healthcare Provider



Help Baby Sleep

What are the safe sleep guidelines?
Did you know that baby should be facing a different direction in their crib each night? Make sure baby is safe and sound while getting their shut eye.

Help Baby Sleep Safely

How can I comfort my crying baby?

Newborn babies will cry a lot—and that’s normal! It’s how they communicate with you. Here is some advice for new parents to keep them calm.

No More Tears

When should baby nap?

How much of that sleep should be from naps? How long should baby nap for, and is there an age when napping should end? Find out.

A Guide to Naptime



Keep Baby Active

What is Tummy Time?
Tummy Time can begin as soon as baby comes home, and is one of a newborn baby’s first exercises—and the most important!

Start Playing

How can I play with my newborn?
Learn the best way to keep your little one engaged.

Watch the Newborn Guide

What games can I play with baby?

Enter your baby’s birth date (or due date) and we’ll send fun and helpful games to your inbox.

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Bond with Baby

How can I bond with my baby every day?
This research-based bonding technique is important for baby and parent.

Learn Massage+ 30, 10, 5

How can new dads bond with a newborn baby?
Some moms start to bond with baby throughout their pregnancy, but it’s important for dad to bond too!

Ways to Bond



Feed Baby

What should I be feeding baby?
Baby will only be feeding with breastmilk and formula as a newborn, but their abilities will quickly change.

Learn about Baby’s Feeding

How do I burp baby?
When baby eats, they need to be burped to help with early digestion. Here’s how and when to burp baby

Why Burping Matters

What is Tongue Tie?
Tongue tie is a common condition that can affect baby’s feeding skills.

Learn about Tongue Tie

When is baby ready for solids?
Baby typically starts solid foods around 4-6 months of age, but did you know that baby’s readiness to start solids depends on their motor abilities?

See When Baby’s Ready



Keep Baby Safe

How can I keep baby safe in the car?
Important car seat safety tips that may surprise you.

Car Seat Safety

How can I keep baby safe in the sun?
There will be plenty of fun in the sun, but don’t forget to protect baby from the sun’s harsh rays.

Sun Safety

How can I keep baby safe in cold weather?
As temperatures drop, there are extra steps to take to make sure baby stays warm.

Winter Safety

Has baby missed any milestones?

If you’re using the Milestone Checklist to track baby’s motor, communication, feeding, and sensory milestones, you may notice that baby has missed a milestone or two. So what do you do about it?

It’s never too early (or too late!) to get baby on the right path. But the earlier that delays can be found, the better. Learn why.

Learn More about Early Intervention

There’s so much more to explore!

This is just the beginning of our information and resources for new parents! We have endless information for every topic of child development and taking care of baby. To learn more about newborn care, find answers to common questions, and watch our information-packed parents’ guides, check out the links below.

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