Retro Toddler: More Than 100 Old-School Activities to Boost Development  

Retro Toddler Cover Page - A book that lists activities to boost development in kids

By Anne H. Zachry, PhD, OTR/L
Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. Anne Zachry, an esteemed occupational therapist and renowned specialist in child development, has crafted an indispensable resource for parents navigating the crucial period of toddlerhood, specifically targeting children aged 12-36 months. In her insightful book, Dr. Zachry delves into a myriad of topics, offering guidance on learning and development, parenting styles, and the nuanced considerations surrounding the use of screen time and digital media in the early years. She skillfully lists a range of activities to boost development in kids and organizes them by kid’s age and area of development.

The book serves as a comprehensive guide, emphasizing the pivotal role of play and playfulness in fostering a child’s growth. Dr. Zachry skillfully sets the stage by discussing the profound importance of these elements and their myriad benefits. What sets these activities apart is their foundation in interaction, creativity, and the use of household or low-tech items, ensuring that parents have a rich tapestry of options to explore with their toddlers.

The book stands out not only for its practical advice but also for its commitment to evidence-based information. Dr. Zachry supports her recommendations with references to relevant research, offering parents a deeper understanding of the rationale behind the suggested activities. Additionally, the inclusion of a glossary and an index enhances the book’s accessibility and utility, making it a go-to reference for parents seeking both guidance and inspiration.

In essence, Dr. Anne Zachry’s book emerges as a valuable companion for parents navigating the intricate journey of toddlerhood. With its wealth of information, practical activities, and emphasis on the importance of play, this book is poised to become an essential resource for parents committed to nurturing their child’s holistic development during these formative years.

Parents will find this book to be a valuable resource to consult for an ongoing understanding of their toddler’s development and a guide in providing opportunities for enhancing their toddler’s motor, communication, play and thinking skills.

Reviewed by
Ronna L. DeKoven, OTR/L, C/NDT, SI Certified

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