In honor of Father’s Day, this year we wanted to share some information about a topic that isn’t always talked about: father and newborn bonding. Some moms start to bond with baby throughout their pregnancy, but it’s important for dad to bond too!

Try these activities to help strengthen the father-newborn bond:

Baby Massage

Just look at this dad! His daughter was born premature and he was able to begin bonding with her right away by using Massage+ 30, 10, 5. In fact, this video shows them while baby is still in the NICU. Massage+ 30, 10, 5 is a type of baby massage that is great for both preemie and full term babies. Baby massage is a popular topic right now because it comforts baby and helps parents and caregivers bond with baby. Massage+ goes even further. It’s based on over 40 years of research (funded in part by NIH) and has been proven to improve:

  • Baby’s sleeping and eating
  • Communication between baby and caregiver
  • Parent and child intimacy
  • Baby’s sense of hearing, touch, sight, and motion


Father and newborn bonding is special! Why wait to start bonding? Although it’s never too late, dad should try to connect with baby right away.

Tummy Time

Father and newborn bonding is important for healthy emotional and social relationshipsTummy Time is another way to bond with a newborn. Holding baby skin to skin is a great way to bond. Dads (and moms too) can hold baby on their chest during Tummy Time. Not only do you get one on one time with baby, but baby is getting important Tummy Time as well.

Although Tummy Time does involve work on baby’s part, it’s fun too! Get on the floor and grab some rattles, toys, and mirrors to play with and hold baby’s attention. Dads also love the ‘Tummy Down Carry’, aka the ‘Football Hold’, to help baby reach an hour of Tummy Time every day. Check out our page for more information on Tummy Time and its different positions.

Whether it’s baby massage, Tummy Time, or just a lot of cuddles, spending time with baby and devoting your attention to them is the best way to bond. And if you ask us, it’s the best way to spend the day!

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