Info to Know by Baby’s First Birthday

Wow, has the past year just flown by? Don’t worry, we still have lots of resources to help you along on your baby’s developmental journey.

Communication Chart

If you caught baby babbling your name, they’re probably now ready to use it meaningfully! Use our communication chart to help you understand where baby’s speech, language, hearing, and understanding skills should be at when they are 10-12 months of age. This chart goes from 3-36 months, so you can continue to track baby’s language development as they grow up!

See the chart


Pediatric Therapy Screenings

Did you know most pediatric therapy clinics will offer free 15 minute screenings? They can help determine if your child needs pediatric physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Find out more about screenings and what you should do after the assessment.


Looking for more information you can hand to another parent or take on the go?  All of our brochures are free to download and print!


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