First Steps to First Words, Things You Should Know

As baby gets older and becomes more active and independent, track the progress of exciting milestones as your baby begins to walk and talk. We have lots of information to help you!

Parents' Guide Series

For all those parenting questions you’ve ever had about babies or younger children, from topics about stages of play to sippy cup alternatives, we have the tips you need in our Parents’ Guide series. These videos are not only concise but easy to understand – oh and did we say fun? Perfect for parents at work or at home who need quick and easy access to relevant information about their child.

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Baby Games Calendar

It’s official, your child has loads of energy and loves to play! At this age, they’re probably jumping from one activity to the next. With over 300 games approved by pediatric therapists, our Baby Games Calendar have you covered from birth to 2 years old! Each of these activities help with your child’s development so not only is it a fun and enriching bonding experience but it is great for meeting milestones that help build their motor, sensory, and communication skills!

Social-Emotional Brochure

Hello big boy, big girl! Now that your baby is officially a toddler, they’ll still need your help even as they try to become more independent vocally or through their actions. Learn how you can encourage your child’s social-emotional developmental skills while also meeting their growing needs. At 13-18 months, some of their new social-emotional abilities may surprise you!

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