Best Resources for the Toddler Years

Your toddler is developing quickly and preschool is right around the corner. While your 2-3 year old continues to grow, you can use our resources to help make sure your child is on track.

Screen Time

As your toddler is getting older and continuing to explore their environment, you may find that screen time from your TV, tablets, and phone are becoming part of their daily activities. The AAP recommends no more than 1 hour of high-quality programs per day for kids 2-3 years of age. If your child is using a screen, try these tips to help make it into a bonding experience and learn how you can reduce screen time so your child spends more time playing.

Winning and Losing

“I won!” Whether your toddler is playing a game or on the pee wee sports team for the first time, they’re at an age where they can play alongside and interact with other kids. For the most part, they’ll see situations in terms of black and white – there is no middle, so losing can become quite difficult and winning can be an exclamation of excitement. Teach your child how to win and lose, while fostering the building blocks that helps them process their feelings for years to come.


Some kids choose to sit in a W with their legs laid out behind them. Here’s why you should encourage them to sit in some other positions.



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