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This is such a fun age for you and baby. They are trying lots of new things and having many new experiences. From trying solid foods to teething and more... we have you covered!

Early Detection and Early Intervention

Take the beginning steps to helping baby. Early detection and Early Intervention can make a difference. is here to help guide you in identifying early delays by providing helpful tips and knowledge about early intervention programs that may be available to you.

4 Month and 6 Old Typical and Atypical Motor Development - Side by Side Comparison

Motor delays can be detected as early as 2 months old. Watch and learn the differences between typical and atypical development for 4 month olds and 6 month olds. Healthcare professionals use these 8 positions as a means for intervention.

4 Month Old Side by Side Comparison Video

6 Month Old Side by Side Comparison Video

Feeding Chart

Yummy! Baby is ready for solid foods at 4-6 months old and at this age, you might have already spotted them opening their mouth when food is being offered! Our feeding chart will help you learn about baby’s feeding milestones (from 0-12+ months), recommended foods, and important feeding tips, like how to start introducing solid foods to baby.

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Pediatric Therapy Screenings

Did you know most pediatric therapy offices offer free screenings? Help your baby reach their fullest potential by detecting delays early with pediatric therapy screenings. These screenings involve therapists observing your child in a variety of positions and activities. Learn more about this important screening to determine the next steps you should take.


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