More Helpful Resources For Preschoolers

Haven’t the years passed quickly? Your young child is learning more about themselves and their environment every day.

Help Using Scissors

Have you noticed how your child holds a pair of scissors or cuts out a basic shape? This fine motor skill may seem simple but some children may find it difficult to achieve. Learn the difference between typical and atypical fine motor skills in this video and learn how to examine hand placement and muscle ability to see if your child may need to see an occupational therapist.

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School Resources and Helpful Links

If you’re a parent new to the school environment, these are helpful links that can support your understanding of intervention and assistance in the special education sector. Learn about Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), the different educational learning tools available for kids with special needs, and special education laws and advocacy. These resources are a great stepping stone to help guide you.

Family Meals

Life can be pretty busy for parents of a 4-6 year old between school, sports, and other activities, so it helps to make sure that time is set aside for family meals. This pocket of time in your day helps to strengthen family bonds and even encourages a healthier relationship with food. Discover the importance of family meals and how you can promote a more rewarding family experience with these tips.


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