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Baby is having an explosion of development. Here are some things you should know.

Expressive & Receptive Communication

“Da, da.” Baby is babbling and is now sometimes able to follow routine commands! At 7-9 months, your baby will communicate using gestures, sounds, and facial expressions. They’ll be using two forms of communication, receptive and expressive. Help encourage language development so baby can hit those key communication milestones by learning about baby’s budding communication skills.

Read all about expressive and receptive communication on our communication page

Parent FAQ - Screen Time

From tablets to cellphones and TVs, screens are everywhere. Yet what happens when these screens are presented to babies and younger children as bedtime stories, a form of entertainment, or as a break for parents? Here are the answers to your most commonly asked screen related questions, from how many hours kids in each age range should use a screen to how parents can use screens to build communication skills.

Table Foods

Call it what you may – table foods or finger foods will start to become part of your baby’s food menu around 8 months of age. What types of foods should you start with and how should you serve them? Baby may or may not have teeth yet, so there’s more to consider than you may think. Check out our meal time tips to get baby eating and working on their fine motor skills!


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