Ever wondered how moms really get their kids to eat their veggies?

We asked several moms what they do to make sure kids eat their veggies are a part of their kids’ diets every day. We hope you’ll try some of these real life solutions during your next meal or snack time!

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This mom of three gave us one of our favorite pieces of advice.  She said, “I put spinach in everything from the get-go so they don’t think it’s weird. We eat green eggs, green smoothies, green pancakes, green waffles, green muffins, etc.”

Spinach is not the only vegetable that’s great for making muffins, pancakes, and other baked goods; you can also try shredded zucchini, shredded carrots, and pumpkin. Incorporating veggies into meals so kids understand that most meals and snacks should include vegetables is a great, healthy habit to form early on.

We received even more great tips for getting kids to eat their veggies:

  • Dip them in hummus or yogurt-based dressings (also a great way to practice fine motor skills!)
  • Puree the veggies into sauces
  • Steam veggies to bring out the flavor
  • Freeze veggies and serve them as Popsicles. By the time it melts and their mouth is cold, the taste isn’t as strong
  • Cut them into fun shapes or use the veggies to make a face on the plate
  • Mix the veggie purees with milk and some fruit to make a veggie smoothie
  • Bake veggies, like kale or sweet potatoes, for healthy, crispy chips

Sometimes changing the texture of food is all you need to do. Some kids, and even adults, just don’t like the texture of raw veggies. Discover if your child is more of a soft and mushy veggie fanatic or hard and crunchy enthusiast and adjust food’s texture accordingly.

Use these tips to learn more on how to get kids to eat their veggies

Remember that some vegetables could be too hard for your little one to bite and chew. Figuring out the reason for their protest will help you know how to change it up so the kids go from resisting to asking for seconds!

Your kids may enjoy food combinations that adults typically would not eat together! We’ve heard from moms that their kiddos love banana yogurt with carrots, peanut butter and cucumbers, and yogurt with spinach. It may be a tad odd, but go with whatever works!

If kids learn to love veggies early on, they’re more likely to eat them when they’re older.  Even if your little one is a bit older, it’s never too late to teach them to enjoy eating veggies. Remember adults need veggies too, and eating them in front of your kids makes them want to copy you. Kids typically form their dislike of veggies from mimicked behavior, so set a good example by eating your veggies and making them a regular part of mealtimes.