The 0-3 month motor milestones video shows parents and caregivers 5 examples of motor milestones baby should reach by 3 months old. Each video clip shows how baby should be moving and what parents and caregivers should watch for.

Early motor delays can be detected by 3 months of age and the motor milestones video series can help parents and caregivers to track their baby’s development and detect possible delays.

By 3 months, baby should reach the following milestones:

  • While lying on tummy, pushes up on arms
  • While lying on tummy, lifts and holds head up
  • Able to move fists from closed to open
  • Able to bring hands to mouth
  • Moves legs and arms off of surface when excited

Find games to help your child reach these milestones and more based on their date of birth.

The first 3 months of a baby’s life are a critical time for growth and development. Infants begin to learn how to move their bodies and interact with others. Some of baby’s key milestones at 3 months include using Tummy Time. Practicing Tummy Time daily will help babies meet milestones by building their core strength and allowing them to explore their environment. Watch how you can overcome Tummy Time Troubles here.

Use resources to track baby’s milestones and help identify potential early motor delays. If you notice your baby is not meeting their 0-3 months motor milestones, talk to their healthcare provider.