Parents and caregivers should watch this video to see 6 sensory milestones baby should reach by the time they are 6 months old. The video contains 6 clips to show exactly what each one of the sensory milestones for 4-6 months old should look like. To see all of baby’s 4-6 months motor, communication, and sensory milestones, click here.

Starting at 4 months old baby is able to do a lot more. Baby’s personality is starting to shine through and you are learning more about what sensory experiences baby likes and dislikes.

By the time baby is 6 months old baby should reach the following sensory milestones:

  • Uses both hands to explore toys
  • Generally happy when not hungry or tired
  • Brings hands and objects to mouth
  • Able to calm with rocking, touching, and gentle sounds
  • Is not upset by everyday sounds
  • Enjoys a variety of movements

Between 4 and 6 months old baby is playing a lot more with toys and other objects. Baby may begin putting a lot of things in their mouth, but don’t worry as long as it’s safe or not small pieces. This is just their way of learning more about that object. Rocking baby, talking softly or singing are great ways to soothe baby at this age.

If you notice baby is not reaching any of these milestones talk to your pediatrician or healthcare provider. Use our checklists and bring them to well-baby visits to help bring up potential concerns.