How do baby’s feeding skills develop over their first year? Here are a few of baby’s feeding milestones from 0-12 months, validated by American Academy of Pediatrics findings!

0-3 Months:

  • Baby latches onto nipple or bottle for feeding and their tongue moves forward and back to suck
  • They will drink 2-6 ounces of liquid per feeding, 6 times day (the quality and frequency might vary in breastfed babies)

4-6 Months:

  • Baby will show interest in food
  • They will also open their mouth as a spoon approaches

7-9 Months:

  • Baby can hold and drink from a bottle
  • They will start to look and reach for food that is nearby
  • They’ll also show strong reactions to new smells and foods

10-12 Months:

  • Baby can finger feed themselves
  • They will eat an increasing variety of foods
  • They might be ready to start self-feeding with utensils!