Have you heard of interoception? This is a sense that helps us know what’s going on inside our body. Interoception helps us realize that we’re hungry, tired, or too hot or cold.

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We’re diving into interoception (internal body sense)! It helps us understand our body’s internal sensations. It also helps us realize our body’s needs, know how to address those needs, and control behavior.

Examples of the interceptive sense:

  • Feeling afraid
  • Sensing tiredness
  • Feeling hungry or thirsty
  • Realizing you’re too hot or too cold
  • Being aware you need the bathroom

How can you help develop your child’s interoceptive sense?

Create a routine – helps is baby eats and sleeps at the same time

Teach children words for their internal feelings – hungry, hot, cold, etc.

Practicing mindfulness – helps us relax and pay attention to our body’s needs

Strengthen proprioceptive sense – more awareness of the body helps understand internal needs