New Frontiers: Sensory Integration

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Share informs you about Sensory Integration and the importance of early detection and early intervention. Watch one child’s journey through sensory integration therapy and visually see the struggles a child with sensory issues may be facing.

As the brain develops, connections need to be made between brain areas. Evidence shows therapy helps to make these connections. In this video you will see how a child’s balance, coordination, willingness to try new activities, and body awareness improve through therapy.

If you think your child may have a sensory processing disorder, please ask your pediatrician to recommend your child to an occupational therapist for a sensory integration evaluation. Then find out if your child may benefit from sensory integration therapy. The sooner the better!

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Materials We Recommend: 

0to3 sensory milestones
 Watch what baby’s sensory milestones should look like at 0-3 months. 

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