It may seem like screens are the main way to play these days, but there are so many benefits to activities that don’t require screens! When you child takes part in screen-free activities, they can help to develop their sensory, play, communication, social-emotional, and motor skills.

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Why is it beneficial to limit screen time? It’s important children learn about human interactions without the use of screens! Screen-free interactions give kids more opportunities to:

  • Maintain eye contact
  • Learn how to respond to others
  • Have back-and-forth exchanges

Human interactions matters, but it’s equally important for kids to play independently without screens. Screen-free time gives kids more opportunities to:

  • Foster creativity
  • Learn to use their minds and bodies in new ways
  • Develop sensory skills by exploring their environment
  • Develop motor skills from moving around their environment

You don’t need to completely give up screens though. It’s ok for children to relax in front of a show, just like you. Just be sure to set time limits! The AAP recommends for the first 18 months, children have no screen time. For toddlers, the AAP says to limit screen time to 1 hour a day.