Parents, you know Tummy Time is important. You’ve read up about the importance of Tummy Time here at But do you know how to do it without baby getting upset? We can help! See why Tummy Time is so important, different Tummy Time positions to try and tips!

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Tummy Time is key for baby’s development. It helps prevent flat head and torticollis. Tummy Time can begin right after you return home from the hospital. By 3 months of age, baby should work up to 1 hour of Tummy Time per day. That’s not an hour straight of Tummy Time, but little spurts that total 1 hour. Here are some Tummy Time positions to try with baby:

  • Tummy to Tummy/Chest
  • Tummy Down Carry (or Football Hold)
  • Lap Soothe
  • Eye Level Smile

But the end goal is for baby to do Tummy Time without your help. Doing Tummy Time independently helps baby develop their back, neck, and shoulder muscles needed to meet infant developmental milestones.