It’s time to get moving! Recognizing these signs is crucial to understanding if your baby is ready to crawl. Pay attention to these developmental milestones as your little one embarks on their exciting journey of mobility. Signs baby is ready to crawl may manifest in various ways, from pushing up to hands and knees rocking—observe and celebrate each step towards this significant milestone!

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  1. Observe if your little one pushes up to straight arms and legs but hasn’t mastered forward movement—this could be a sign that crawling is on the horizon.
  2. Notice if your baby uses their arms to pull forward while their tummy stays close to the floor; this crawling precursor suggests readiness.
  3. Watch for your baby transitioning from a crawling position to sitting—an exciting development in their mobility journey.
  4. Take note if your baby adopts a crawling stance with one leg bent, signaling the early stages of figuring out leg coordination.
  5. Be delighted if your baby rolls to reach a toy across the room; motivation to move is a key factor in crawling readiness!
  6. Keep an eye out for your baby on hands and knees, rocking back and forth—a classic indication that crawling is imminent.