Crawling is an important motor milestone. But it can actually help other areas of development, too! Watch to learn why baby crawling is such an important step.

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Crawling is an important gross motor skill, but did you know that crawling helps other areas of development too?

Crawling on different surfaces (carpet, tile, blanket, grass) provides new sensory experiences. It also helps with balance, body awareness, coordination, and visual tracking.

Once baby starts crawling they have more freedom to explore during play.

Executive Function
Crawling can help improve baby’s problem solving skills, like learning how to move around and get a toy they want from across the room.

Fine Motor
A typical crawling position helps stretch baby’s fingers, which will help them use utensils, draw, and play.

Crawling develops hand strength and shoulder stability, which they’ll need to eventually feed themselves.

Brain Development
Since crawling requires both sides of the body to work together, it’s a great skill that fosters brain development.

Here are some tips to help with this 7-9 month motor milestone:

  1. Do Tummy Time often
  2. Place toys around baby so they can pivot
  3. Do baby push-ups
  4. Teach baby to rock on hands and knees
  5. Position toys out of reach
  6. Encourage crawling to their favorite toy

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