Ensuring that a baby continues to thrive during Tummy Time is a vital aspect of their developmental journey, particularly at the four-month mark when newfound abilities begin to emerge. At this stage, a baby is expected to lift their head a remarkable 90 degrees, maintaining a centered position with growing neck strength. Equally impressive, the infant pushes up on their forearms, raising their chest off the floor while ensuring that their elbows rest beneath their shoulders at a precise 90-degree angle or slightly in front. Notably, the baby’s capacity to lift their head and pivot their neck becomes more pronounced, enabling them to track toys, voices, and faces with an ever-growing curiosity during this crucial Tummy Time phase.

To facilitate Tummy Time at four months, caregivers can employ specific strategies. Encouraging the baby to spend increasing durations on their tummy is pivotal, fostering both physical strength and the possibility that the little one may soon prefer this position to being on their back. Incorporating mirrors into Tummy Time becomes a delightful tool to captivate their attention and spark joy, especially as babies inherently love gazing at faces, including their own reflection. It’s essential for caregivers not to be disheartened during this Tummy Time process; every moment contributes significantly to the baby’s progress.

In navigating the journey of Tummy Time at four months, where each milestone matters, caregivers can find additional guidance through informative videos that showcase Tummy Time abilities tailored to this specific stage of a baby’s growth. These videos serve as a valuable resource, offering insights into the dynamic changes and achievements that unfold during this critical Tummy Time developmental period. By incorporating these strategies and remaining attentive to the unique needs of the baby, caregivers can actively contribute to the child’s continued growth and enjoyment during Tummy Time at four months.

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