Many parents hear Tummy Time is important and know doing Tummy Time helps baby build muscles and skills to meet their future motor milestones. But how do you know baby is making progress during Tummy Time? Use these abilities to ensure baby is continuing to develop though Tummy Time. Don’t forget: baby should be continuing to spend longer amounts of time on their tummy and eventually, they may even prefer their tummy to their back.

4 Months:

  • Lifts head up 90 degrees. Should be able to keep their head centered.
  • Pushes up on forearms and brings chest off floor. Elbows will be under their shoulders (at a 90 degree angle) or in front of shoulders
  • Lifts head and moves neck to track toys, voices, and faces during Tummy Time

Tip at 4 Months: Babies love faces! Even their own! Use mirrors during Tummy Time to help keep them engaged and having fun.