Baby should start using a high chair when they’re sitting up supported and starting solids. Typically this is around 6 months old. There are a ton of high chair options. Here are some things to consider when choosing one:

  • How easily you can place baby in it/lift it out
  • How secure baby is in the seat and if it has seat straps – if the chair is JPMA certified, it is safe
  • If you need wheels/foldable features – these need to be checked and locked every time the chair is used
  • If the fabric parts of the chair are removable and washable
  • If the chair has a transition option so it can grow with baby

Place your high chair enough to watch baby and help them, but far enough from counters and tables so they can’t push themselves over.

Remind older kids the high chair isn’t a toy – no one should climb on or play with the high chair.

Some kids stop using a high chair around 18 months but others stay in they’re high chair longer. Do what’s best for your family! After a high chair, children can move to a booster seat at the table.