What is Baby-Wearing?

Baby-wearing simply means carrying your baby with a wrap or device that leaves your hands and arms free. Baby-wearing in different positions can help prevent your infant from developing a flat spot on their head because they are positioned vertically, and pressure is not being applied to their head for extended periods of time.

When Can I Baby-Wear?

Father and his baby in a baby carrier

Bringing your child with you in a sling or carrier is often done by caregivers while cleaning, cooking, and transporting baby outside of the house.

Are There Different Ways to Baby-Wear?

For parents who choose baby-wearing, there are many factors to consider when deciding what type of carrier you would like to use and how you would like to hold your baby.

  • Some parents use a simple piece of cloth while others choose more specialized carriers with padding, pockets, and straps. These types vary greatly in price and style.
  • Baby slings, wraps, and carriers allow a child to be carried on your back, chest, or on your hip. The baby can either face inward or outward.
  • Some of these carriers may be better for going outside with baby whereas others would be best for keeping your little one with you inside.

Is Baby-Wearing Safe?

Find some safety tips for baby-wearing here.

Remember: baby’s safety and abilities should always be considered before deciding to use any type of baby carrier. You should check with your child’s healthcare provider before baby-wearing as some babies lack the muscle strength to keep their airways open in an unsupported position.

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