Assure the Best (Ages 0-15 Months)

Downloadable brochure with chart of developmental milestones available in 15+ languages

“A concise, parent-friendly guide useful from birth through 15 months of age”
-Healthcare professional



Play Brochure (Ages 0-6 Years)

Play Brochure cover

Play helps children learn valuable life skills like problem solving, processing emotions, social skills, and more. Download this brochure for info on how to help your child make the most of play time!



Tummy Time Brochure (Ages 0-6 Months)

Tummy Time Brochure Cover

Tummy Time is essential for infants’ core, motor, and sensory development and achievement of milestones. Download this brochure to learn tips on how to make tummy time for you and baby.



Introduction to Sensory Integration (Ages 0-6+ Years)

Sensory Integration Cover

Sensory Integration helps people “make sense” of the world around them. Download to learn about why sensory integration is important to baby’s development.



Feeding (0-12+ Months)

feeding_brochure_coverThis introduction to feeding development contains feeding milestones, age appropriate foods, feeding tips by age, and warning signs of a feeding issue.



Speech and Language Milestones (Ages 0-36 Months)

Speech and Language Brochure Cover

From birth, baby begins to develop communication skills they will build on and use throughout their life. Download this brochure, which includes a checklist to track baby’s communication milestones.



Executive Function (Ages 6 Months-5+ Years)

Executive Function Brochure Cover

Children use executive function skills every day to stay organized and complete goals. Download this brochure to get tips and activities to build your child’s executive function skills.



Social Emotional (Ages 6 Months-5+ Years)

Social emotional skills will help your child throughout their life. You can help them develop these skills from the time they are born.



Massage+ 30, 10, 5 (0-6+ Months)

A simple 15-minute intervention used to improve infant development. This technique involves gently talking to, massaging, and rocking baby.