Hand and finger strength are important for most activities in daily life like writing, holding objects, using devices, eating with utensils, and any other motor task that requires using your hands. Even simple play with putty can help develop fine motor skills. You can find it at the store or make your own with the kids using our DIY putty recipe.

If you’re looking for something to have your kids do, try this fun exercise routine for hands and fingers!

These exercises are appropriate for kids and toddlers, approximately 4 years and older.


Enhancing hand and finger strength through engaging motor activities can be transformed into a delightful game for children aged 4 and older. Encourage them to unleash their creativity, imagining and crafting various designs and objects using putty. This not only strengthens their muscles but also fosters cognitive development in an enjoyable way.

It’s crucial to emphasize proper storage practices for the putty. When not in use, ensure it’s stored in its container to prevent softening, as putty has the potential to “melt” into fabrics with extended exposure. A friendly reminder: keep an eye out for any forming “strings” during use, promptly picking them up to avoid any potential messes or safety concerns.

This playful exercise routine with putty not only contributes to physical development but also provides a platform for imaginative play. By combining motor skills development with creative expression, parents can create a win-win situation, making the learning process both enjoyable and beneficial for their child’s growth.


  • This post was created with Ronna L. DeKoven, OTR/L, C/NDT, SI Certified, an occupational therapist at