Hand and finger strength are important for most activities in daily life like writing, holding objects, using devices, eating with utensils, and any other motor task that requires using your hands. Even simple play with putty can help develop fine motor skills. You can find putty at the store or make your own with the kids using our DIY putty recipe.

If you’re looking for something to have your kids do with putty, try this fun exercise routine for hands and fingers! These exercises are appropriate for anyone old enough to play with putty, approximately 4 years and older.

3 Snaps
Snap a small piece of putty quickly with both hands

3 Peas
Roll small pieces of putty into peas with just your fingers

3 Hotdogs
Roll the peas into a hotdog

3 “P’s”
Turn the hotdog into the letter “P”

3 Swirls
Turn the “P” into a swirl

3 Pancakes
Smash the swirl into a pancake with your thumb

3 Tacos
Fold the pancake into a taco shell with both hands

You can turn these motor activities into a game for your child. Let them use their imagination and think up other creative designs and objects to make out of the putty. Print these activities here.