Tummy Time is an essential move for baby’s development! As baby’s core muscles get stronger and they begin to roll (around 4 months), they may try to roll onto their back during Tummy Time.

When baby starts to roll over during Tummy Time it may be tempting to stop doing this position altogether. However, it’s best for baby’s development that they do Tummy Time for at least the first 6 months of their life, even if they don’t seem to like doing it at times.

So how can you make sure baby gets their Tummy Time in? Watch to learn what to do! You can also read more about what to do if baby rolls over during Tummy Time!





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Does baby roll onto their back when doing Tummy Time? Tummy Time is crucial for baby’s development. Here are some ways to encourage a rolling baby to stay on their tummy.

  • Engage them with toys, mirrors, or funny faces
  • Try doing Tummy Time on an exercise ball
  • If baby rolls to one side, place a toy on the opposite side to encourage reaching the other way
  • Change up your timing. Try Tummy Time more frequently during the day.

Rolling is a 4-6 month milestone and is great if baby is doing it! But Tummy Time is still a very important position, so try keeping them there!