Baby uses touch to explore the world around them. Just like you try to help your baby develop their sense of sight, you can also help them develop their sense of touch.

You can even try baby massage, which helps with sensory development and bonding with baby through comforting contact.

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The sense of touch is crucial for baby’s development because baby explores through the sense of touch.

What baby is feeling:

  • Therapist’s hand on belly
  • Feel of the blanket
  • Softness of the mat
  • Texture of the toy in hand
  • Texutre of the box grabbed
  • And so much more…

Touch helps baby plan & organize their movements by feeling their actions through their skin.

Tips for home:

  • Provide as much comforting contact as possible
  • Massage baby daily to provide great sensory input
  • Use bath time, dressing, & changing diapers to offer new experiences
  • Use different baby-safe oils, lotions, & fabrics
  • Introduce new texture through toys, blankets, & towels

Touch helps baby feel safe & connected.

So hold baby often & never let them go!