Parents’ Guide Videos

New parents experience a lot of firsts and at times it can be overwhelming. Not to worry; is here to help! We try to make all this information a little easier to find and understand. Our Parents’ Guide videos cover important areas of child development including: Tummy Time, communication, sensory, play, motor skills, and feeding. All these areas of development are important towards building important skills that your child will benefit from and use throughout their whole life.

Tummy Time

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Tummy Time
Parents know to do Tummy Time with baby but do you know why it’s important? Learn why Tummy Time matters and tips for what to do if baby hates Tummy Time.



Early Communication
Baby’s communication development start long before they say their first word. Learn how and what parents can do to help develop communication skills.



The 7 Senses
Most people know 5 senses but there are 7! Proprioception (body awareness) and vestibular (balance and movement) are important for sensory development.



Play can start as soon as baby is born! Smiling, making faces, and using different voices when talking to a newborn are all ways to play with baby.

parents guide to structured vs unstructured play
Structured Vs Unstructured Play
What is the difference between structured and unstructured play? Find out and learn why it’s important for your child to have both.