Social-emotional skills are essential for connecting with others! They help us manage our emotions, build healthy relationships, and feel empathy.

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Did you know baby develops social-emotional skills from birth? These skills help to understand and recognize thoughts and feelings.

Social-emotional skills help kids:

  • Gain confidence
  • Succeed in school
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Make friends and maintain friendships
  • Gain awareness of what others are feeling
  • And more!

Here are some skills your baby should be achieving:

0-3 Months – Begins to smile in response to caregivers
4-6 Months – Usually happy when surrounded by cheerful caregivers
7-9 Months – Plays social games, e.g. peek-a-boo
10-12 Months – Enjoys imitating people in play

Giving baby lots of playtime, love, and attention will help baby develop these skills.