Crawling is an important 7-9 month milestone. Watch this video to learn more about the two types of crawling, and how to help your baby crawl.

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Are you worried baby isn’t crawling? Here are some tips to help with this 7-9 month milestone.

There are two types of crawling: army crawl, baby’s stomach remains on the floor; and creeping, baby pushes up to hands and knees with belly off the floor.

These are some activities you can do to get baby crawling:

  1. Use Tummy Time often and whenever baby is showing signs of activity.
  2. Place toys around baby so they can pivot
  3. Do baby push-ups
  4. Teach baby to rock on hands and knees
  5. Position toys out of reach
  6. Encourage crawling to their favorite toy

Help baby gain the skills to crawl!