Play with food is—good for baby? Yes! Watch to learn how playing with food can help baby’s sensory development.

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Playing with food actually helps your baby! It helps with baby’s sensory development. Is baby’s face messy? This lets them experience the food.

Pediatric speech-language pathologist, Heidi Sloan, MA, CCC_SLP, C/NDT says:

“The biggest thing at their young age is to relax and have fun with the food. So it’s not so important that they are eating, chewing, and swallowing the food that you present, but that they’re having positive interactions with the food. So that might mean they touch the food and they mush the food. It’s just being able to gradually introduce the idea of jumping into chewing and swallowing food.”

(Playing with food is best for 6 month olds when first introducing solid foods.)

Time to get messy!