There are so many fun games to play with siblings, but how can you get siblings playing together in the first place?

Watch to learn about the benefits of playing together, as well as ways to encourage sibling play.

To learn more about sibling play in our blog post, including suggested activities and fun games to play with siblings, read How to Get Siblings Playing Together at Home.

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What are the benefits of sibling play? Kids are with their siblings more than any other peer. Siblings motivate each other, especially when young. They help with socializing because they interact on a daily basis. Older siblings get to practice being a teacher to younger ones. Younger ones are able to learn from their older siblings. Help them play together by allowing unstructured playtime, encourage communication between them, and emphasize kindness (although arguments may be unavoidable).

Here are some benefits to sibling play:

  • Fosters creativity
  • Increases physical activity
  • Improves conflict resolution
  • Stimulates language development
  • Helps children understand sympathy

Encourage siblings to play together!