Have you tried baby massage? Watch this video of Mary May, born 2 months premature, in the NICU getting a massage by her dad.

Massage+ 30,10, 5 – ATVV – Based on 35 years of research, funded in part by the NIH. Rosemary White-Traut, PhD RN FAAN, Lead Researcher, Member of Pathways.org Medical Roundtable

Research shows this helps baby:

  • Communicate
  • Eat Better
  • Sleep Better
  • Bond with Parents

Here’s how:
Massage+ 30,10,5 – ATVV:
Auditory – Talk softly to infant for 30 seconds
Tactile – Moderate stroking or massaging infant for 10 minutes
Visual – Making eye-to-eye contact with infant while massaging and rocking
Vestibular – Rocking infant for 5 minutes

Mark sure you have plenty of time so you are not rushed.
Create a dimly lit, quiet room with no distractions.
Start a routine by doing this at the same time each day.
Give baby 100% of your attention.
Doing the massage, you get to figure out what the baby likes.