Why are routines so important? They do more than organize your day—they actually help your child develop their executive function skills. Executive function skills are important life sills to help with daily behaviors, such as solving problems, making decisions, and following directions.

Watch to learn more about the benefits of routines, and the best practices when creating a routine for your family.

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Routines help build executive function skills in children. These functions are essential to daily behaviors and decision-making. You can start building routines from a young age.

Routines can also help:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Promote self-control
  • Regulate energy levels
  • Foster confidence and independence

Routines will vary from child to child. The important thing is finding what works and sticking to it. Whether it’s a morning routine or evening routine, consider the following when making routines:

  • Be patient
  • Be consistent
  • Make time for self-care activities
  • Have age-appropriate expectations
  • Make small changes if routine isn’t working
  • Model how to complete the routine and talk through it

Older kids can teach their siblings routines too!