More Helpful Resources For Baby's First Months

We know in these early stages you are just focusing on the essentials: eating, sleeping, etc. We have a couple more things to help you out along the way.

Baby's 1st Year Milestone Guide

Get your handheld guide to baby’s first year. Shows motor, sensory, and communication milestones for baby’s first year and how to help them reach those milestones. The guide even shows pictures on what these milestones should look like.

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Tummy Time Course

Are you ready for Tummy Time? Look no further than our online Tummy Time course to get you started! Learn how to engage baby and implement a variety of fun, easy to follow Tummy Time methods. This course includes Tummy Time videos, tips, games, and Tummy Time abilities by age (from 0-6 months) – all of which will help you to develop baby’s core strengths, which are important for meeting key milestones!

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Early Detection and Early Intervention

Early detection and early intervention can be essential to ensure baby develops to their fullest potential. As parents, you are your baby’s voice and is here to provide the important tools you need. Learn how to identify potential early delays, steps you should take if you are concerned about baby, and the types of programs available if you need help.

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2 Month Old Typical and Atypical Motor Development - Side by Side Comparison

How can you tell if your newborn baby is developing the necessary gross motor skills for their age? What should parents look for? Our typical and atypical motor 2 month baby development video presents the 8 positions healthcare providers can use to determine if intervention is necessary.

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How do you get chores done around the house or transport your baby? Baby-wearing might just be your option. Positioned vertically, baby-wearing can also help prevent infants from developing flat spots on their head. Learn more about the types of baby-wearing carriers available and the important safety tips you need to take note of.

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