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Parents’ Guide to Baby Rolling Over During Tummy Time

Does baby roll onto their back when doing Tummy Time? Tummy Time is crucial for baby’s development. Here are some ways to encourage a rolling baby to stay on their tummy. Engage them with toys, mirrors, or funny faces Try doing Tummy Time on an exercise ball If baby rolls to one side, place a … Continued

Dentists? Brushing? Feeding? What to Expect When Baby’s Teeth Come In

What makes a perfect baby smile? Adorable baby teeth, of course! This new phase of oral development can come with a lot of questions for parents. When can you expect those pearly whites to come in? What do you do if baby is showing signs of discomfort while teething? When do they need to start … Continued

Games for Your 52 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Squeaky Toy Fun: Help baby squeeze a squeaky toy to hear the sound. Next, cover it with a blanket and squeak it again. See how they react to hearing the sound this time and help them pull off the blanket. Helps baby exercise their memory and ability to locate sounds. Bubble Time: Blow bubbles for … Continued

Games for Your 51 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Tower Time: Use stackable blocks while playing with baby. See how high the tower will go! They might laugh when it all comes crashing down. Helps baby practice developing motor skills. Big Toy Time: Babies at this age love playing with large objects. Place some pillows on the floor and help baby crawl over them. … Continued

Games for Your 50 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Toy Chest: Show baby where toys are put away so they can crawl to find different toys. You can also have baby help clean up toys by saying simple requests, e.g. “give me” or “put in.”Helps baby learn to follow commands and develop gross motor skills. Tidy Up: Ask baby to pick up scattered … Continued

Games for Your 49 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Kickin’ Back: Attach a foam or soft ball to a piece of string and dangle it in front of baby within their reach. Have them try kicking ball while on their back, then hitting it while on their tummy. Helps baby learn how to move their arms and legs in new ways and build … Continued

Games for Your 48 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Beach-Ball Tummy Time: Blow up a beach ball so it’s almost full, with a soft spot. Hold baby carefully on top of beach ball, tummy down. Roll them back and forth, side to side. Helps baby develop core strength and balance. Obstacle Crawls: Try to encourage baby to crawl over, under, and through various objects at home. Take … Continued

Games for Your 47 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play First Interview: Ask baby questions and encourage response with words, baby sounds, cooing, or babbling. Record the conversation and play it back for baby to hear. Helps baby develop communication skills. Round of Applause: Clap with excitement after baby does something good. Encourage them to clap with you. Helps baby learn how to use movements to … Continued

Games for Your 46 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Push Toys: Introduce push toys that allow baby to practice walking with some support. You can also use a large cardboard box or laundry basket with heavier items in it for stability. Helps baby develop gross motor skills. Towel Time: Use a dish towel to play peek-a-boo. Ask “Where’s mama?” and when mom appears, say … Continued

Games for Your 45 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Body Points: Ask baby where their feet are. After they point to them say, “Hello feet!” Keep up activity involving different body parts. Helps baby learn names of body parts. Two Hand Throw: Give baby small, lightweight toys in left and right hands so they can practice throwing with both arms. Helps baby with gross motor … Continued

Games for Your 44 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Body Reflections: Stand with baby in front of large mirror. Ask baby to point to different body parts when you name them. Helps baby learn to understand receptive language (how to take in messages from others). Play Hokey Pokey: Sit baby upright in your lap and sing the song while taking turns holding each of … Continued

Games for Your 43 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Games to Play Inside Surprise: Put a toy or book inside an empty cardboard box. Wrap it with colorful paper or newspaper comics. Clap your hands when baby yanks it open, then announce what’s inside. Helps with language skills, fine motor development, and executive functioning skills. Tray Pick Up: Offer baby food on their highchair tray like cereal … Continued

Games for Your 42 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Chore Time: Don’t stop interacting with baby just for chores! When doing chores around the house, point to objects and tell baby what you’re doing. Direct baby’s attention to objects by helping them point their finger. Helps baby learn to focus their attention. Ball Chase: Encourage baby to crawl around inside house. Roll a soft ball across … Continued

What is Self-Soothing? Learn About this Important Social-Emotional Tool

There is no better feeling than being able to relax and let your troubles melt away. This form of personal comfort is called self-soothing, and it is an important, lifelong skill that can help with sleeping, managing emotions, building healthy relationships, and so much more. For babies and children, self-soothing is being able to calm … Continued

How Playing in Nature Helps Your Child’s Development

“It’s a beautiful day, get outside and enjoy it!” How many times have you heard this throughout your life? Probably a lot! It’s a part of human nature to enjoy the great outdoors (when the weather is to our liking, of course). But did you know being outside can have actual benefits for your child’s … Continued

Games for Your 41 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Wave Hello: Baby may have some stranger anxiety. It is normal for baby to get nervous or shy around new people. Encourage them to wave hello when meeting new people. Helps baby stay calm. Wave Bye-Bye: Baby will start using gestures like shaking their head “no,” or reaching out to show they want “more.” Try teaching them a … Continued

Games for Your 40 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

Family Meals: Have baby join you at the table during mealtime so they notice the different foods you are eating. Share new, safe, bite-sized foods from your plate. Helps expose baby to different smells and sights. First Time Foods: Give baby new foods first, while they’re still hungry and more open to the new experience. Helps baby to … Continued

Why is Baby Crying? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons

As much as we wish baby could always be smiling and giggling, it is a fact of early life babies will cry—a lot. They will usually cry on a daily basis, and especially in their first few months of life. As a newborn, crying is a way of communicating with you about their basic needs. … Continued

Understanding the Vestibular Sense: The Movement and Balance Sense

What does our vestibular (movement and balance) sense allow us to do? It slows us to move smoothly and maintain balance while doing activities like walking and running, and staying upright when we sit and stand. When do we use the vestibular sense? Holding head up Learning to walk Walking on a curb Sliding down … Continued

Understanding Proprioception: The Body Awareness Sense

Let’s look at our proprioception (body awareness) sense. It tells us where our body parts are without looking at them. This sense help with coordination and how much force to use when holding, pushing, pulling, or lifting objects. When do we use proprioception? Brushing hair Playing a sport Holding an egg Writing or drawing Touching … Continued

Milestone Checklist

Check off your child’s milestones as they reach them, to know more about your baby’s development! What’s Inside? Our developmental milestone checklist is sorted by age and four topics: motor, sensory, communication, and feeding Track milestones up to their third birthday This makes it easy to find and track the most important child development information!

Communication Checklist

When should baby say their first words? When can you begin to have a conversation with your toddler? Use this checklist to track the communication development of infants and toddlers. What’s Inside? Expressive communication (speech & language) milestones by age Receptive communication (hearing & understanding) milestones by age

Feeding Checklist

Feeding is so important for baby, but it takes time and motor development before they’re ready for different foods. What’s Inside? This checklist answers common questions like: When is baby is ready for finger food? If baby starts to sit, what are the best foods for them to eat? If baby starts solids, do they … Continued

Ability Checklist

Are you wondering what your child should be able to do at a certain age? Perhaps you’re wondering when baby will explore objects or develop hand eye coordination. Download the ability checklist to track these abilities and find out! It is important to look at your child’s overall tendencies and clusters of behavior. One or … Continued