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16-18 Month Old Communication Milestones

See the 6 communication milestones baby should be reaching by 18 months old. There is a clip of each milestone so you can see the different communication milestones for baby. Baby’s 18 month communication milestones include: • Responds to questions • Continues to produce speech-like babbling • Points at familiar objects and people in pictures … Continued

13-15 Month Old Communication Milestones

See the 7 communication milestones baby should be reaching by 15 months old. There is a clip of each milestone so you can see the different communication milestones for baby. Baby’s 15 month communication milestones include: • May use 5-10 words • Combines sounds and gestures • Imitates simple words and actions • Consistently follows … Continued

13-18 Month Old Feeding Milestones

See the 2 feeding milestones baby should be reaching by 18 months old. There is a clip of each milestone so you can see the different feeding milestones for baby. Baby is fully walking and exploring everything at this age, including food! They should be able to eat most of the same foods as adults … Continued

13-18 Month Old Sensory Milestones

See the 3 sensory milestones baby should be reaching by 18 months old. There is a clip of each milestone so you can see the different sensory milestones for baby. Baby’s 18 month sensory milestones include: • Helps with getting dressed/undressed • Has a regular sleep schedule • Eats an increasing variety of foods The … Continued

13-18 Month Old Motor Milestones

See the 3 motor milestones baby should be reaching by 18 months old. There is a clip of each milestone so you can see the different motor milestones for baby. Baby’s 18 month motor milestones include: • Walks independently and seldom falls • Squats to pick up a toy • Stacks two objects or blocks … Continued

Music to Their Ears: How Music Therapy Benefits Premature Babies in the NICU

Happy? Sad? Angry? Music often brings about many different types of reactions from babies to adults. For premature babies, music therapy has been beneficial in helping to reduce stress and pain, which is often linked to medical treatment in the neonatal intensive unit (NICU). What is Music Therapy? Music therapy is a music intervention commonly … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Working Out with Baby

Can’t find the time to workout with a new baby? Try these exercises that also help you bond with baby. Baby Curl Ups – Place baby sitting on your stomach. Smile when you curl up to them. Overhead Press – Sit and lift baby above your head. Talk to them as you do it. Be … Continued

What is a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

“Isn’t physical therapy just for athletes and adults in recovery?” Nope! Sometimes, children and even babies need physical therapy, too. You might not give a second thought to walking up the stairs or picking up a drink. But for a child with an injury or delay in development, those simple tasks can be a real … Continued

Early Educator Guide to Tummy Time

What more Tummy Time info? This course is here to help! Perfect for all early childhood educators and caregivers who work with children under 6 months old.

Pathways Global Reach

Pathways.org reaches parents and health providers across the globe and impacts the lives of countless children. With videos, brochures, checklists and more, we want to help all children across the globe reach their full potential. How we reach our global audience: Our brochures are available in over 17 languages We break down language barriers through … Continued

Meeting Milestones – Helping Baby Roll

Help baby meet their 6 month motor milestone of rolling over. Watch this licensed pediatric physical therapist give mom tips to encourage her baby to roll over.

Recognizing Early Motor Delays at 2, 4, 6 Months of Age and Importance of Tummy Time

This course will teach positioning techniques to identify early motor delays movement at 2, 4 and 6 months of age along with possible outcomes associated with lack of Tummy Time.

Meeting Milestones – How to Get Baby to Sit

Help baby meeting their 7-9 month motor milestone of sitting without support. Try these activities to encourage independent sitting. Activity at 0-3 Months: When holding baby on your lap, position their bottom so it’s pushed back. Slowly rock baby. This helps baby learn to properly sit with their upper body in line with their base. … Continued

Splish, Splash, the Benefits of Water Play for Children

Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water. No matter if it’s in the ocean, lake, creek, community pool, or tub in the backyard, playing in the water may help children grow and develop in these essential ways: Balance and Strength Though it might look like … Continued

How to Play With Blocks at Every Stage

What’s a toy you can reuse over and over again? Blocks, of course! Your little one can play with blocks at any age and stage from 0-12 months. Find out how baby plays with blocks differently at each age and how you can help! From 0-12 months, baby plays with blocks differently. 0-3 Months: Baby … Continued

Sensory Activities (0-18 Months)

Look below to find games and activities you can play with your child to promote their sensory development. Activities are divided by age so it is easy to find games and activities that are age appropriate. Visit our Sensory Page for more information, ways to track your child’s progress, Sensory videos, and Sensory handouts or visit our Baby Games … Continued

Tracking Sensory Development

Examine the milestones listed below to track your child’s sensory development. Remember, if you have a concern talk with your healthcare provider and ask for an evaluation. < Back to Our Sensory Page 0-3 Months While lying on back, attempts to reach for a toy held above their chest While lying on back, visually tracks a moving … Continued

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Free Tools to Maximize Child Development

Who is Pathways.org? We are a not-for-profit foundation providing FREE child development information to empower parents and health professionals. Our milestones are supported by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) findings. Our games are validated by pediatric physical and occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. Popular Resources Educational Videos Videos showing what milestones look like at specific ages Learn more … Continued

Sensory Toolkit

Our Sensory Toolkit includes materials that help with earlier identification and earlier therapy for children’s sensory issues, which can help children reach their fullest potential. Ability Checklist (1 month to 6+ years): See our checklist of sensory behaviors for children 1 month in age all the way to 6+ years old. While your child may not check each … Continued

Contest Rules

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES FOR THE PATHWAYS.ORG SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The sponsor of this contest is Pathways.org. The contest shall be subject to these official contest rules (the “Official Rules”), and by entering, all entrants agree to abide and be bound by the terms and conditions herein and the … Continued

0 to 3 Month Baby – Feeding Milestones to Look For

See the 4 different feeding milestones baby should be reaching by 3 months old. Each milestone has a short clip so you can see the different feeding milestones for baby and compare to the movements of your baby. See more 0-3 month milestones and videos. As always, all of our content is validated with American … Continued