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How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Pet

Pets are such an important (and adorable!) part of our lives. They come in many shapes and sizes—dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, or any other cute companion—but no matter the type of animal, they are living creatures capable of building bonds with humans. In fact, many people view their pets as a part of their family! … Continued

What to Expect From Baby’s Hearing Tests

Before baby comes home from the hospital, they will receive a hearing test (also called a hearing screening). This test helps to see if baby is having any issues with their hearing prior to coming home. If baby is found to have an issue with their hearing, intervening early can help their communication and social-emotional … Continued

Healthy Eating Starts Young! Try Building These Habits With Children

We all know healthy eating is important, but let’s be honest—getting children to eat nutritious foods can sometimes be challenging! Sometimes parents feel frustrated or guilty if their child pushes away the fruits and veggies, but so-called “picky eating” is an expected part of childhood. So if your little one is pushing away the bananas … Continued

Having Tummy Time Trouble? This Therapist Has Some Tips

Tips for Shoulder Carry: Lean baby forward on a slant so weight is on tummy. Hold under baby’s bottom. Make sure baby’s bottom isn’t tucked under. Tips for Leaning Back: Rock baby side to side & keep them moving Take baby out of the position before they get too mad Talk in a positive and … Continued

What Does Crawling Look Like? It Might Not Be What You Think!

Crawling is an important and exciting motor milestone! It’s when baby starts to move independently and explore their environment for the first time. Crawling usually only lasts a few months, because baby starts to transition to standing and walking around 1 year old. Even though this period is brief, there are so many developmental benefits … Continued

Signs Your Baby is Ready to Crawl

Read along with the video below: Will baby crawl soon? Here are some common signs baby is ready to move forward! 1. Baby pushes up to straight arm & legs, but can’t move forward yet 2. Baby uses their arms to pull themselves forward with their tummy on the floor 3. Baby gets in a … Continued

Tips for Dad to Bond with Baby

Bonding with baby means a lot. It’s important for new parents and can be done in simple ways. Let’s look at some of the ways Dad connects with baby! Tummy Time – get on the floor and play with baby during Tummy Time Massage+ 30, 10, 5 – this baby massage can help Spending time … Continued

The Importance of Crawling for Baby

Crawling is an important motor milestone. But it can actually help other areas of development, too! Watch to learn why baby crawling is such an important step. Read along with the video below! Crawling is an important gross motor skill, but did you know that crawling helps other areas of development too? Sensory Crawling on … Continued

The Best Toys for Outdoor Play

Sunshine, is that you? Believe it or not, it’s almost time for spring! The warming weather means it’s a great time for outdoor play with your little one! Outdoor play becomes even better when toys are added. These are the best outdoor toys to help development. Remember, all outdoor play should be supervised to ensure … Continued

Is Baby Not Meeting Their Milestones? What To Do Next

Have you noticed baby is having trouble reaching a certain milestone? Or does it feel like something isn’t quite right with your child’s development? All parents have concerns at some time about their child’s development. This is a normal reaction and expected part of being a parent! But if you are noticing your child is … Continued

What To Do If Baby Has a Fear of Strangers

Hello, baby! From aunts and uncles to friends and neighbors, baby is constantly meeting new people. Meeting people is a great way to work on baby’s social skills. While meeting baby is usually a happy occasion for the adults and older children involved, meeting new people can sometimes be hard for baby. They may feel … Continued

How to Help Babies and Toddlers When They Fall

When baby is learning how to move around, it is common (and expected) for them to lose their balance. This can be so scary when it happens! It’s important to remember most of baby’s falls are minor, and falling is typical as children gain motor skills. When do babies typically fall? It is common for … Continued

Sign Up to Help Pathways.org

Do you want access to new resources first, so you can help us improve our materials? At Pathways.org, we’re creating resources to help parents care for their baby. We need your help to make our content even better. When we have new materials that we need feedback on, we’ll reach out to you to give … Continued

All The Ways Crawling Helps Baby’s Development

There is no doubt crawling is great for baby’s gross motor skills! It is a motor milestone, and an important and exciting step in baby’s independence. Crawling helps develop muscles and joints around the tummy, back, hips, and shoulders, and strength and balance for walking. But did you know crawling can help more than baby’s … Continued

Baby’s Babbles: What is Babbling and When Will It Start?

By the time baby is 4-6 months, it might seem like they have a lot to say—but you can’t understand any of it! The sound baby makes before they say their first words is known as babbling. Babbling may sound like nonsense, but it’s an important part of baby’s communication development. Read more to get … Continued

Encourage Your Baby to Talk By Narrating Your Day

There’s nothing more fun than when baby starts to talk! You get to see their face light up as they say their first words, or figure out how to tell you what they want. It’s an exciting milestone for every baby! How can you encourage baby to talk? Or if they are talking, how can … Continued

What to Do If You Suspect A Delay

Read along with the video below: Every child develops a little differently. Sometimes children just need a little more time than others. Sometimes healthcare providers tell parents to “wait and see” how they develop, which can be frustrating for parents who are concerned. If you are still concerned, here’s what you can do: Trust your instincts! There’s … Continued

Tips to Help Parents Adjust to Baby’s Changes

Baby is constantly developing! Every few months (or even every few weeks!) comes with changes. For many parents, these developments are exciting—and exhausting. First, you’re trying to understand what baby wants. If baby is crying, you’re wondering, “Why is baby crying? Do they need food? Have a dirty diaper?” Then, when you learn what baby … Continued

Do Twins Meet Milestones At The Same Time?

Read along with the video below: Should twins meet milestones at the same time? It’s natural to compare twins sometimes. You’ll notice what they like to eat, how they play, and how they sleep. Of course there will be differences. They’re different kids! So even though they’re being raised in the same environment no two … Continued

Do Twins Reach Developmental Milestones At The Same Time?

Double the babies, double the fun! When you have twins, it’s natural to compare how they do things. You compare what they like to eat, how they play, and how well they sleep. Given they do so much together, it’s also natural to wonder if twins should reach developmental milestones at the same time. After … Continued

Tips to Make Tummy Time Easier

Read along with the video below: You can begin Tummy Time soon after baby is born. Start with a few minutes, working up to an hour a day, in spurts, by 3 months of age. Link Tummy Time with familiar activities such as diapering, bathing, or even playing. When your baby is happy, fed, and … Continued

How To Do Tummy Time: 4 Positions to Help

Read along with the video below: Tummy Time is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your newborn. Try incorporating these different Tummy Time positions into your baby’s daily routines! Tummy to Tummy (also called Tummy to Chest) Lean back at an angle propped up by a pillow to keep baby angled slightly. … Continued

Using a High Chair

Baby should start using a high chair when they’re sitting up supported and starting solids. Typically this is around 6 months old. There are a ton of high chair options. Here are some things to consider when choosing one: How easily you can place baby in it/lift it out How secure baby is in the … Continued

Best Toys for Babies

There are so many toys out there! It’s hard to know which are best for baby’s development. Here are some toy recommendations for their first year: For Tummy Time: mirrors, rattles, and play gyms For fine motor skills: stacking cups, balls, and plastic link toys For encouraging standing: activity tables For bath time: plastic cups … Continued