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Tips to Start Reading Books to Baby

Start reading to baby as early as possible! Whether it’s picture books or story books, reading helps build baby’s vocabulary from the time they’re born. Even just looking at pictures helps development. Be sure to point to different objects as you read them. Don’t forget: Baby turning the page is a 7-9 month milestone! When … Continued

Can Babies Drink Water? Everything to Know About Baby’s Hydration

We think a lot about when baby is able to eat, but what about drinking? You may have questions about when baby can drink water, how much water baby should drink, and anything else about their ability to drink. Here are some answers to common questions about baby’s drinking abilities! Can baby drink water? Yes—once … Continued

What Are the 6 Stages of Play?

Did you know there are 6 stages of play? Unoccupied Play: 0-3 Months Solitary Play: 0-2 Years Onlooker Play: 2 Years Parallel Play: 2+ Years Associate Play: 3-4 Years Cooperative Play: 4+ Years All the stages involve exploring, being creative and having fun. Unoccupied Play: 0-3 Months Makes a lot of movement with their arms, … Continued

Try These Activities to Encourage Walking

Walking is an exciting motor milestone! Baby typically takes their first steps around their first birthday. So how can you make this milestone more fun? Here are some activities to help encourage walking! Cruise along furniture Cruising is side stepping while holding on to something. You can encourage baby to walk, or cruise, along something … Continued

When Will Baby Sit Up On Their Own?

Sitting might seem like an easy thing to do, but for a developing baby, it’s hard work! Sitting upright and independently takes time and exercise. So how can you help baby sit without your help? Learn when you can expect baby to sit up! When do babies start sitting up? For the first few months … Continued

Celebrating the Differences That Make All Children Unique!

Every person is unique, and differences are worth celebrating! Kids are observant and often notice differences—in others or in themselves. How do you help children talk about differences, and understand how to interact with others? Here are some tips, but remember that every situation requires a different approach. The best rule of thumb is to … Continued

Expressive and Receptive Communication for Baby

Before they say their first words, babies are developing language skills. Language is made up of two parts: expressive & receptive skills Expressive skills are baby’s ability to express their wants and needs – typically through crying and cooing Receptive skills are baby’s ability to understand language – understanding what is said or heard Both … Continued

Mobile App

Everything you love about Pathways.org is now just a tap away. Create a profile for your child, and we’ll recommend content for their exact age, to help track and meet their milestones!   Our Baby Development App is rated 5 stars in the App Store! Download today to track and promote your baby’s development.   … Continued

When Can Baby Roll Over? Tips to Help Baby Roll

Before baby crawls or walks, they learn to roll! Rolling over is a 4-6 month milestone, and an encouraging sign baby’s core strength is developing. Rolling helps with head and trunk strength, weight shifting, and core strength, which are all really important for gross motor development! Is baby having a hard time getting the hang … Continued

Get Your Toddler Talking — Tips From a Speech-Language Pathologist

Tips to Help Your Child Talk From a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist Expressive language: sending a message Receptive language: understanding a message When Playing at Home: Have your child request items Describe what you and your child are doing Have your child ask and answer questions How Can I Work on Expressive Language Skills at Home? … Continued

The Pincer Grasp: When Baby Will Learn This Important Fine Motor Skill

Close your eyes and imagine you’re picking up something small, like a bead or a piece of popcorn. Now think about holding a pen or pencil, and how you would hold it in your hand. Finally, imagine you’re zipping up or buttoning your jacket. These are all very simple but important fine motor movements we … Continued

What Does Reflux Look Like For Baby?

As you may have noticed when feeding baby, spitting-up and burping are an expected part of the process. Spit-up is also called infant reflux, and it occurs when food moves back up from baby’s stomach. Infant reflux is typical and may happen multiple times a day. But what is the difference between reflux and a … Continued

Keep Baby Cool, Hydrated and Safe in the Summer Months

Summer is here! When the temperature rises and the sun comes out, many of us want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. How can baby enjoy the summer season safely? Don’t worry, we have you covered! If it’s baby’s first summer, make sure baby is ready for fun in the sun with this … Continued

How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Pet

Pets are such an important (and adorable!) part of our lives. They come in many shapes and sizes—dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, or any other cute companion—but no matter the type of animal, they are living creatures capable of building bonds with humans. In fact, many people view their pets as a part of their family! … Continued

What to Expect From Baby’s Hearing Tests

Before baby comes home from the hospital, they will receive a hearing test (also called a hearing screening). This test helps to see if baby is having any issues with their hearing prior to coming home. If baby is found to have an issue with their hearing, intervening early can help their communication and social-emotional … Continued

Healthy Eating Starts Young! Try Building These Habits With Children

We all know healthy eating is important, but let’s be honest—getting children to eat nutritious foods can sometimes be challenging! Sometimes parents feel frustrated or guilty if their child pushes away the fruits and veggies, but so-called “picky eating” is an expected part of childhood. So if your little one is pushing away the bananas … Continued

Having Tummy Time Trouble? This Therapist Has Some Tips

Tips for Shoulder Carry: Lean baby forward on a slant so weight is on tummy. Hold under baby’s bottom. Make sure baby’s bottom isn’t tucked under. Tips for Leaning Back: Rock baby side to side & keep them moving Take baby out of the position before they get too mad Talk in a positive and … Continued

What Does Crawling Look Like? It Might Not Be What You Think!

Crawling is an important and exciting motor milestone! It’s when baby starts to move independently and explore their environment for the first time. Crawling usually only lasts a few months, because baby starts to transition to standing and walking around 1 year old. Even though this period is brief, there are so many developmental benefits … Continued

Signs Your Baby is Ready to Crawl

Read along with the video below: Will baby crawl soon? Here are some common signs baby is ready to move forward! 1. Baby pushes up to straight arm & legs, but can’t move forward yet 2. Baby uses their arms to pull themselves forward with their tummy on the floor 3. Baby gets in a … Continued

Tips for Dad to Bond with Baby

Bonding with baby means a lot. It’s important for new parents and can be done in simple ways. Let’s look at some of the ways Dad connects with baby! Tummy Time – get on the floor and play with baby during Tummy Time Massage+ 30, 10, 5 – this baby massage can help Spending time … Continued

The Importance of Crawling for Baby

Crawling is an important motor milestone. But it can actually help other areas of development, too! Watch to learn why baby crawling is such an important step. Read along with the video below! Crawling is an important gross motor skill, but did you know that crawling helps other areas of development too? Sensory Crawling on … Continued

The Best Toys for Outdoor Play

Sunshine, is that you? Believe it or not, it’s almost time for spring! The warming weather means it’s a great time for outdoor play with your little one! Outdoor play becomes even better when toys are added. These are the best outdoor toys to help development. Remember, all outdoor play should be supervised to ensure … Continued

Is Baby Not Meeting Their Milestones? What To Do Next

Have you noticed baby is having trouble reaching a certain milestone? Or does it feel like something isn’t quite right with your child’s development? All parents have concerns at some time about their child’s development. This is a normal reaction and expected part of being a parent! But if you are noticing your child is … Continued

What To Do If Baby Has a Fear of Strangers

Hello, baby! From aunts and uncles to friends and neighbors, baby is constantly meeting new people. Meeting people is a great way to work on baby’s social skills. While meeting baby is usually a happy occasion for the adults and older children involved, meeting new people can sometimes be hard for baby. They may feel … Continued