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Swaddling Not Going Swell? Here are Some Alternatives.

Some babies enjoy swaddling, which is the practice of wrapping an infant in cloths to sleep, because it mimics pressure in utero. Swaddling is meant to calm babies and promote sleep, which directly impacts healthy development—but many babies struggle to get comfortable in a traditional swaddle. So what can you do to make sure your … Continued

Games for Your 17 Week Old Baby | 4-6 Month Games

Toy Challenge #2: Show baby a favorite stuffed animal. Help them to touch it. Ask what it could be. Then tell them what it is. “It’s a kitty!” Helps baby use sense of touch and follow objects with eyes. Action Songs: Count and wiggle baby’s fingers and toes as you sing “This Little Piggy” or … Continued

Massage+ 30, 10, 5

Course: Massage+ 30, 10, 5 Instructor: Rosemary White-Traut, PhD, RN, FAAN; member of the Pathways.org Medical Roundtable Audience: Parents and caregivers Description: Massage+ 30, 10, 5 is an intervention using moderate touch massage to help improve the health and development of premature and full term infants. Through just 15 minutes of massage, rocking, and gentle talking, … Continued

Games for Your 16 Week Old Baby | 4-6 Month Games

Toy Challenge #1: Hold baby on your lap. Try to get them to reach for a toy. Help them switch the toy from one hand to the other. Helps baby work on hand-eye coordination. Texture Time: Let baby touch fabric with different textures such as wool and velvet. Use a different word to describe each … Continued

Games for Your 15 Week Old Baby | 4-6 Month Games

Copy-Cat Chit-Chat: Encourage baby to make noise by responding as if in conversation. Repeat sounds they make and add new words. Baby will learn the give and take of communication and may begin to babble sounds from words they’ve heard you say. Helps baby develop communication skills. Teething Time: Give baby teething rings that have … Continued

An Evening Routine Can Help in More Ways Than You Might Think

Many families practice morning routines, as they can help your family get up, get going, and get out the door on time. However, our evenings are often less structured—should your family consider ending the day with a routine, too? It can be a great way to help school-aged children gain independence, regulate energy levels, and … Continued

Games for Your 14 Week Old Baby | 4-6 Month Games

Blow Raspberries: Before dressing baby, press your lips on their tummy and blow air on their skin to make a noise. The sound and funny feeling will make them smile and giggle. This encourages baby to make their own noises and lip movements, which is good practice for babbling and copying sounds. Helps baby build … Continued

Feeding Your 12+ Month Old Baby

What can you feed your 12+ month old baby? If baby is an independent walker, try introducing the following foods: Beans Ground meat Milk (with pediatrician’s approval) Diced chicken/fish Soft, cooked veggies Encourage self-feeding with utensils. Your job is to provide healthy, safe food options to baby. Baby is in charge of how much to … Continued

Feeding Your 10-12 Month Old Baby

What can you feed your 10-12 month old baby? Baby should drink breast milk and/or formula until they are at least 1 year old. If baby is beginning to walk, try introducing the following foods. Be sure food pieces are small. • Bread/toast • Cooked pasta • Scrambled egg yolk • Sliced meat or cheese … Continued

Feeding Your 7-9 Month Old Baby

What can you feed your 7-9 month old baby? Baby should drink breast milk and/or formula until they are at least 1 year old. If baby can crawl or sit independently, try introducing yogurt, soft finger foods, and soft mashed foods. Be sure food pieces are small. When first introducing mashed foods, try mixing with … Continued

Feeding Your 4-6 Month Old Baby

What can you feed your 4-6 month old baby? Baby should drink breast milk and/or formula until they are at least 1 year old. If baby can sit while supported, try introducing infant cereal or smooth, single ingredient, pureed food. Ask your pediatrician if baby is ready for solid foods. Homemade purees should have a … Continued

Feeding Your 0-3 Month Old Baby

What should you know about feeding your 0-3 month old baby? Newborns should only be fed breast milk and/or formula. Feed newborn every 1-3 hours (about 8-12 times per day). As baby gets older they can go longer between feedings. If giving baby formula, give baby about 2-3 ounces per feeding. Some hunger signs include: … Continued

Baby on the Way

Trusted Resources and Helpful Answers for Expecting Parents So you’re expecting! Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, we have the information you need and the resources you can trust to get your little one on the right path.     Getting Ready for Baby     Parenting Essentials Learn more about important activities … Continued

Games for Your 13 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Busy Fingers: Baby should be spending time looking at and playing with their fingers and hands. Putting hands or toys in their mouth is typical at this age. Be sure toys are age appropriate and big enough to not cause choking. Helps baby learn hand-eye coordination while exploring their surroundings. Sense of Touch: Baby’s sense of touch … Continued

Games for Your 12 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Side Chats: Lie baby down and talk to them from the left and right sides. Helps baby turn head in different directions. Tummy Carry & Chat: Hold baby close to you in a tummy-down carry. Slide one hand under the tummy and between their legs when carrying baby tummy-down. Chat while you go: “Up!” (lift them … Continued

Games for Your 11 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Face Feelings: Grab a stuffed animal and talk to it. Touch its face. Name each part (nose, ears) you touch. Let baby feel the stuffed animal’s face and yours. Name what they touch. Then help them touch their own ears, mouth, etc., while you name each part. Helps baby develop sense of touch. Play Peek-a-Boo: Lay … Continued

Games for Your 10 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Parent Talkathon: Talking to baby is important! Use a slow, higher than normal pitch, almost a melodic voice to help get and keep baby’s attention. Babies prefer the sound of Moms’ and Dads’ voices. Your baby might even copy your tongue and mouth movements. Helps baby develop listening skills and mouth muscles. Cheesy Smile: Smiling is one … Continued

Games for Your 9 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Cooing & Gurgling: Talk to baby often. They should be cooing (soft throaty sounds including vowels) and gurgling (low, throaty, wet sounds) back to you by about two months. Helps baby develop first steps to speaking. Switch Swat: Dangle simple objects (rattle or plastic measuring spoons) from a string so baby can swipe at it. … Continued

Games for Your 8 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Hand Puppet Play: Place a puppet on your hand. Move puppet up and down, while saying baby’s name. See if they can follow the movement. Then move the puppet in a circle. As soon as they are able to follow the movement, try different movements. Helps baby develop vision skills. Gentle Dance: Turn on some of … Continued

Games for Your 7 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Tap, Tap, Tap: With baby on their back, sing a song. While singing, tap the bottom of their feet in time with the song. Baby will love hearing your voice and the tapping gives them a new sound experience. Helps baby develop listening skills. Hand Claps: Gently clap baby’s hands together to some music. Bring arms … Continued

Games for Your 6 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Mirrors All Around: Take baby around the house. Share your reflection in each mirror. Point to your eyes, ask if they see them, then ask if they see their eyes, and point them out, “Here are your eyes!” Helps encourage baby to identify themselves and helps with emotional development. Lap Baby: Soothe baby on your lap. … Continued

Baby Development Info From Pathways.org

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Games for Your 5 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Get on Down: When baby is on tummy, get down on their level. Encourage eye contact. Place a mirror in front of baby, so they see themselves in a new way. Helps baby develop motor skills, prevents flat spots on head. Smiling Faces: Babies love faces. Go through pictures of family and friends or a magazine. … Continued

Games for Your 4 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Head Lifts: Baby should be starting to lift head a little bit when doing Tummy Time. Get baby to move by dangling a toy to look up at. Helps baby improve neck and head control. Keep a Diary: Track things like baby’s motor milestones, how often they eat, and how many ounces are eaten per day. This … Continued

Games for Your 3 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Beep Baby: Tap baby in different places and say the name of each body part. Then say “beep” or make another sound after each new body part you touch. They may start watching your hands and anticipating each touch. Helps baby develop their sense of touch and body awareness. Raise to Sit: Place baby on … Continued